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Whether you tell yourself you can or you can’t – you are absolutely right!

There are some people that think that certain people are “cut out to” be a nurse. I think anyone that wants to be a nurse can do it. Yes, nursing education can be difficult. Some people struggle with the papers others struggle with the exams. Whatever you are having a hard time with I believe you can make it through nursing school if you really want to do it and you follow three simple steps for success.

Here is my three step formula for success in nursing (and life):

Believe, Plan and Take Action!

It has also worked for weight loss, personal growth and business development. Take a look and give it a try.

1. Believe.

First you need to believe you can accomplish what you have set out to do. Believe in yourself. You can pass that essay or exam.

There is a huge difference in the mindset of someone who simply needs or wants to do something and someone who believes they can do it. Have you ever talked to someone who wants to lose weight but does not believe they can do it? Those people never seem to reach their goals because they don’t actually think they can do it. They give up before they even start trying. If you don’t believe you can get an A on your essay it will not happen because you won’t put the effort into it.



If you want to get a good mark but you don’t believe you can then you need to fix that before moving on. It helps to find your motivation. Why do you want that A? If you find the reason behind what you want it will help you change your mindset. Start thinking positively. Tell yourself you can do it. If you think you can do it you will be able to get to your goal, providing you plan for it.

Find your motivation

Find your motivation

 2. Plan.

Planning is the difference between success and failure. You may have heard the saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” The first and most important step in planning is setting SMART goals for yourself. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant/Realistic and Time-limited. To find out how to set up these goals watch the video below.


After you have SMART goals you also need to plan how you will meet your goal. What do you need to do to get an A on that paper or exam? Be sure you think about what you will need to do to get the A and make sure you plan time to do it.

For example, if your goal is to get an A on an essay you may want to plan time for

  • Understanding the Instructions / Marking scheme
  • Background research
  • Drafting
  • Asking questions
  • Re-working the paper
  • Proof reading (after a full night’s sleep)
  • Peer feedback
  • Checking APA

Organize yourself. As a student you will have more than one thing to work on at a time. Find out what helps you be productive and incorporate that into your plan. If your goal is to learn it is a good idea to find out what your learning style is so you can customize a study plan. If needed, seek help from the learning center at your school to develop strategies to help you be efficient.

This planning process is a lot like what is used in the nursing process, except that you are your own client. Taking the time to plan is worth it. Without a plan you won’t be able to reach your highest potential.

 3. Take Action.

Don’t procrastinate. Once you know what to do it won’t help you unless you actually do it. A plan is no good if you don’t follow it. Use the motivation you found in step 1 to help you stick to your plan.

Do something. Even some action towards your goal is better than no action. Be proud of yourself for progress. Don’t forget you can do it.

Take Action

Take Action



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